Ukrainians in the United States before March 1 and having proof of continuous residence since April 11, 2022. Registration is open from April 19, 2022, through October 19, 2023. Persons outside the United States are not eligible to apply for TPS.

You can find the forms online at if you want to apply by yourselves. IF you decide to go to an "immigration agent," it is vital that you have a copy of your application because the agent is not recognized by USCIS as a representative because that person is not a lawyer or does not work for an organization recognized by USCIS
TPS EXTENDED - The Department of Homeland Security announced that effective September 10, 2021, TPS is automatically extended until December 31, 2022 for:
• El Salvador • Honduras • Nicaragua • Haiti • Nepal
You do not need to pay any additional fees to USCIS for this extension
Casa de Esperanza will provide a letter from our attorney to your employer or DMV with a copy of the pertinent section from the Federal Register for a nominal fee of $10.

EXTENSION DEL TPS - El Departamento de Seguridad Nacional anunció que a partir del 10 de septiembre del 2021, el TPS se extendió automáticamente hasta el 31 de diciembre del 2022 para:
• El Salvador • Honduras • Nicaragua • Haiti • Nepal
Usted no necesita pagar ninguna tarifa adicional a USCIS por esta extensión.
Casa esperanza proporcionará una carta de nuestro abogada a su empleador o al DMV con una copia de la sección pertinente del Registro Federal por un costo de $10.

¡Puede solicitar el Venezuelan Estatus de Protección Temporal (“TPS”) ahora! USCIS debe recibir su solicitud antes del 5 de septiembre de 2021. Esto significa que debe presentar la solicitud antes del viernes 27 de agosto de 2021. Este período de TPS será hasta el 20 de julio de 2022. [leer más]

Casa de Esperanza is a community legal services organization serving immigrants and their families.
We are located at 213 West Union Avenue, Bound Brook, NJ 08805. Call us today at (732) 748-1111
Casa de Esperanza is a 501(c)(3) legal services organization serving immigrants and their families Contributions to Casa for our work with those who have come to our shores seeking freedom and wanting to help build a better society and nation for all are tax deductible.

Casa Esperanza is a non-profit organization created to serve immigrants and refugees who need affordable legal, educational and social services, as well as a place to go when they need help.

Our goal is to help immigrants and refugees to understand how the legal system works in the United States and avoid mistakes that can jeopardize their opportunity to have a better life.

Casa Esperanza has provided consultation to over 2000 people, created workshops to the community involving about 900 people and assisted with continuing education and training for 120 people.

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